The Austin County Sheriff’s Office is delighted to announce the addition of Alyssa Lowe to its team as a Telecommunicator. Alyssa, a 2019 graduate of Brenham High School, recently achieved a significant milestone by graduating from Sam Houston State University in August 2023 with a degree in Criminal Justice. Sheriff Brandes and the entire department are honored to welcome Alyssa aboard, recognizing her dedication and potential to excel in this crucial role.

The Role of a Telecommunicator

A Telecommunicator, often known as a 911 dispatcher, fulfills a pivotal and often unseen role within law enforcement agencies. They are the first point of contact for individuals in distress or requiring emergency assistance, acting as a lifeline during critical situations. The responsibilities of a Telecommunicator encompass the following key areas:

First Responders on the Phone: Telecommunicators are the initial point of contact for 911 calls. They skillfully gather essential information from callers, including details about the nature of the emergency, the location, and any other pertinent information.

Life-Saving Expertise: Telecommunicators are trained to provide life-saving instructions over the phone. They guide callers through procedures such as CPR or childbirth, offering reassurance and support during distressing situations.

Information Hub: Serving as the communication nexus, Telecommunicators relay crucial information between law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services. Their efficiency ensures swift responses to incidents, helping save lives and property.

Resource Allocation: Telecommunicators make critical decisions regarding resource allocation. They assess the urgency of calls and determine the appropriate level of response, a role where their judgment can have life-saving consequences.

Stress Management: Remaining calm under pressure is a hallmark of Telecommunicators. They exhibit composure even in high-stress situations, ensuring that callers receive the necessary assistance promptly.

The Austin County Sheriff’s Office recognizes the importance of Telecommunicators like Alyssa Lowe in maintaining public safety and facilitating effective law enforcement response. Alyssa’s educational background in Criminal Justice, combined with her dedication, makes her a valuable addition to the team.

Sheriff Brandes and the entire Austin County Sheriff’s Office extend their warmest welcome to Alyssa Lowe and express their anticipation of her making significant contributions to the community’s safety and well-being.


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