Austin County Agrilife: 6th Week Walk Across Texas Reports

WOW! Look at all the students and their families got active during spring break (weeks 6 and 7)!  After six complete weeks of walking, the Walk Across Texas participants reported they have walked 67,235 miles!

O’ Bryant Primary has 31,868 miles.  West End Elementary has 23,265 miles and O’ Bryant Intermediate is cruising right along with 12,102 miles.

Kindergarten results are:

Mrs. Davis –2,031 miles
Mrs. Payton – 647 miles and
Mrs. Bridges – 579 miles

First grade results are:

Mrs. Newman – 1,447 miles
Mrs. Frietag – 1,254 miles and
Mrs. Brandt – 715 miles.

Second grade results are: 

Mrs. Peschel – 2,812 miles
Mrs.Hulsey– 1,799 and
Mrs. Ables – 1,510  

Third grade results are: 

Mrs. Hackemack – 2,195 miles
Mrs. Springer – 1,811 miles and
Mrs. Lewis – 1,373 miles

Fourth grade results are: 

Mrs. Biehunko – 2,299 miles
Mrs. Yantis – 1,681 miles and
Mrs. Adams – 1,116 miles

Fifth grade results are:

Mrs. Greenville – 1,010 miles
Mrs. Vincik – 889 miles and
Mrs. Paget – 621 miles

West End’s campus results are:

Mrs. Orduna – 3,956 miles
Mrs. Blezinger – 2,694 miles and
Mrs. Schley – 2,658 miles.

The race is not over so keep your eyes peeled for further results to be posted soon.  At this moment, anything is possible.

Walk Across Texas is an 8 week walking program promoted by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas A&M School for Rural Public Health.  Locally, the fun and fitness program is being sponsored by the Family and Consumer Sciences Advisory Board of the Austin County Extension Service.  Educational programs of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service are open to all people without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, age or national origin.

Michelle Allen is the Austin County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Science.  She can be reached at (979) 865-2072 or you can email her at