Month: January 2017

Each “Saved” Job Costs Consumers Half a Mil

The popularity of protectionist trade policy is growing and is being actively promoted by President Trump. The appeal is clear and understandable: protectionism does save and protect some American jobs in protected industries, and those jobs are easily visible, identifiable, and measurable. But the one group of Americans we never hear about from Trump when he discusses international trade are the most important group of Americans – the American consumers who are the group that have the most to gain from international trade and the group that has the most to lose from trade barriers.

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What Is the Executive Branch’s Authority Over Immigration According To The Constitution? [AUDIO]

Ever since Donald Trump issued his executive order that affects Muslim Immigrants from certain countries, there has been an uproar in the media. Many are asking where in the Constitution does the executive branch have the authority to make policy over immigration? But, the president’s “authority over immigration” is not as simple as saying article, section, clause. It’s a little bit more complicated than that. Constitutional Attorney and Speaker KrisAnne Hall explains the application of the constitution and the determination of what power, if any, the executive branch has over immigration.

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