***UPDATED*** Sealy Police To Conduct Drill at Outlet Center Drive

Sealy Police To Conduct Drill at Outlet Center Drive


Per the Sealy Police Department’s Facebook Page:  


Enterprise Products has postponed the disaster drill scheduled for September 13th due to the possibility of inclement weather. It will be rescheduled for a later date.
Notice will be given when the new date is confirmed.


The Sealy Police Department issued the following advisory for the public:


An emergency response training drill will be conducted next week at the “Enterprise Products” crude oil storage/pipeline facility, which is located on Outlet Center Drive.

 This preparedness drill will begin on Thursday September 13th at 8am. At this time, Enterprise Operations will manually activate the audio warning/alarm system in their complex. First responders along with professional disaster response units and representatives of Enterprise will be present and participating. Sealy Fire Department may be dispersing water onto storage tanks for training and evaluation purposes only.This is only a drill and will remain within the confines of the property, without any disruption of roadways or daily operations of surrounding businesses..
Several notices will be sent until time of the drill, but we ask that you share this post to help get the word out to avoid any confusion or fear.

The notice was also shared on their Facebook Page

Outlet Center Drive is located off of I-10.  You can click HERE to be taken to a Google Map of the location for reference.