The Austin County Republican Party hosted a candidate forum last night at Tony’s Family Restaurant in the back meeting room.  Candidates running will appear on the May 7, 2022 election ballot.  The only local contested race this time around is for Austin County Commissioner Precinct 4 which both candidates were present.  The following video is of the entire candidate forum.  We have the breakdown of candidates and their appearance(s) in the video just below it.


Speakers In Order of Appearance


Candidate for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture in 2022

Cary A Counsil (Political Website: 11:37 – 13:53 mark of the video


Candidate for Texas Governor

James Pressler, Houston Regional Field Director spoke for Don Huffines (Political Website: 13:54 – 15:36 mark of the video


Candidate for Texas Land Commissioner

A representative for the campaign of Dr. Jon Spiers spoke (Political Website: 15:37 – 19:24 mark of the video


Candidates for Austin County, TX Commissioner Precinct 4

Garry L. Kuciemba: 19:40 – 25:30 mark of the video

Chip Reed:  25:36 – 30:11 mark of the video

Questions were then taken from the audience for the candidates:  30:40 – 39:49 mark of the video.


Candidates for Texas House District 85

Fred Roberts (Political Website:  40:55 – 46:19 mark of the video

Art Hernandez (Political Website: 46:39 – 52:09 mark of the video

Stan Kitzman (Political Website: 52:23 – 57:17 mark of the video

Phil Stephenson (Political Website: 57:40 – 1:03:26 mark of the video

The Candidates for the Texas House then took questions from the audience:  1:03:31 – 1:35:41 mark of the video

The Candidates for Texas House then gave closing statements:  1:35:41 – 1:41:41 mark of the video

The Forum then concluded.

Floating Vimeo Video