Frontage Road To Become Part of I-10 Expansion Project [VIDEO]

In a major turn of events, TxDot will be taking on the disputed frontage road project that has been in the works for years now and incorporating it into the I-10 expansion that is scheduled in the upcoming years.  Recently, at the previous Sealy City Council Meeting, the council decided to not continue with the frontage road project.  An aging waste-water treatment plant as well as the increasing costs the frontage road project was incurring were two of the reasons cited for the council’s decision.  This led to a firestorm on Facebook as well as legal action being taken against the city.  But, with this news we will see what will happen at Tuesdays Sealy City Council meeting now that the burden of expense is no longer on the city.  We were able to to get a short statement and a few questions answer by the Sealy City Manager Larry Kuciemba on what this will mean for the city.  That interview is below:



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