The ACSI District Spelling Bee was held in Huntsville on January 13th, 2017 and Faith Academy in Bellville participated. 

The Elementary participants were:

          Chloe Winstead, Jones Krampitz (3rd grade),

          Brady Fisher and Dylan Callihan (4th grade), and

          Lily Lequerica and Audrey Winch (5th grade).  

Among those placing in the top four positions of their grade level were Brady Fisher and Audrey Winch.  Brady received a first place medal in the fourth grade competition and Audrey received fourth place in the fifth grade competition.  Audrey advanced to the spell-off of grades 5-8 where she placed seventh.

All participants received a ribbon, but the district recognizes the top four with medals and certificates.

Jones – 6th place third grade

Chloe – 5th place third grade

Lily – 12th place fifth grade

Dylan – 7th place fourth grade

Junior high participants who attended were:  Meadow Singleton and Madison Graham from sixth grade and Eric Carlin from 8th grade.  Eric placed 7th in his grade level. 

Elementary Participants (Left Photo):

Left to Right:  Brady Fisher (Hempstead), Dylan Callihan (Sealy), Jones Krampitz (Bellville), Lilly Lequerica (Sealy), Audrey Winch (Bellville), and Chloe Winstead (Bellville)

Junior Hight Participants (Right Photo):

Left to Right:  Madison Graham (Hempstead), Eric Carlin (New Ulm), and Meadow Singleton (Bellville)

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