The 2nd Sealy City Council Place 2 Candidate Forum [VIDEO]

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at Tony’s Family Restaurant the candidates for the Sealy City Council Place 2 position met to field questions from potential voters. This time candidate Theadra Elise “Cookie” Tyler Curry was able to attend and share her views on matters concerning the city. Candidate Debra Luckett who was at the previous candidate forum was not able to make this forum due to work conflicts.

The questions that the candidates answered were as follows:

Question 1: With the current finances of the city, what is your plan? Will you suggest selling off some real estate, property, or assets?
Question 2: How would you encourage economic development within the City of Sealy?
Question 3: When the city annexes property they provide city services, among them water. If the water pressure is too low for the new elementary school shouldn’t the city pay for a new water-well or booster pump or whatever is needed?
Question 4: How would you resolve the YMCA Chapman Foundation broken contract?
Question 5: If a major corporation came to the city wanting to develop what would you do to entice such a corporation to ensure they come to Sealy?
Question 6: Do you favor the current path the city is on for the proposed Town Park Center? Why?
Question 7: What are your thoughts on zoning?
Question 8: What do you think are the city’s lightest priorities?