Unique Cookies for the Christmas Table


Christmas cookies are as much a part of the holiday as stockings, the tree and Santa himself. This year I looked for unique cookies to bring with me to parties and family gatherings. Below are some of the most interesting ones I could find. I haven’t tried them so I can’t say if they are good but the reviews indicate that they are worth the time and effort!


Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies from Southern Living feature cookie dough tinted red to swirl with white dough to make them look like peppermints. If you take the time to individually wrap them in clear paper they will truly look amazing!

Cappuccino Blossoms are a different version of peanut blossoms. These cookies feature the flavors of coffee and almond instead of peanut butter.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Pinwheels combine two breakfast flavors into a cookie? Yes please! The dough features the cream cheese and the filling is raspberry.

Peppermint Layer Cookies are an old fashioned cookie that has a great flavor and the dough freezes well so you could make a double batch for those times you need a Christmas cookie fix, say about mid-July?

Fig Pecan Macaroons need I say more? I can’t wait to make these with the fresh figs from my cousin’s tree!

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot….cookies made from Captain Picard’s favorite tea are a treat all year ‘round!

Mexican Spiced Shortbread cookies will add a little zing to your holiday cookie plate.

Rosemary Butter cookies are unique and very addictive. These little cookies won’t last long on the dessert table.

Pecan Snowball Cookies are a simple little cookie that will be delightful with cold milk or hot coffee or tea.

White Christmas Dream Drops are a take on the traditional meringues but instead of getting crispy these stay chewy inside.

Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookies substitute apples for raisins and add a bit of caramel to make these hundred calorie oatmeal cookies something to look forward to each year!

Not a cookie but gluten free brownies are something that can be a treat for those with gluten allergies.

Amazing cookies deserve amazing wrapping and presentation. Below is a list of sites that will inspire you when you start packaging those cookies! As always if these sites don’t inspire you try Pinterest!

Here are a few items you may need: Food bagsWhite tin tie coffee bagsCello bags

Brit.co cookie wrapping ideas

50 ways to wrap cookies from By Stephanie dot com

Sweet Sugar Belle gives some additional ideas