Summers here in Texas can be brutal not only for humans but for your dogs.

As a pet parent I am always looking for great ways to cool off my dogs since, oddly enough, neither of them likes the swimming pool or any other water activity to cool them off. In an effort to find something new and exciting I took to the internet to find natural treats for them and found a ton of great recipes! Here are a few of them along with the links to the recipes. **Please note that not all foods are safe for dogs! When you are creating a treat speak with someone in the animal field if you are unsure about putting an item in a treat!**

In my house peanut butter and dogs go together like well, peanut butter and jelly so these recipes feature peanut butter as their main flavor.

  • The Doggy Dessert Chef suggests a pb and j ice ring for your dog. It can be put in the yard under a tree to give your pups a place to cool down.
  • Desert Living has a cute doggie popsicle made by inserting a dog treat to use as a stick. As your pup eats the sweet treat they get to the crunchy dog bone to finish off their snack.
  • Utah Today’s Mama has a treat that not only cools off the pups but the kiddos as well! With a recipe of only bananas, yogurt and some honey it is everything a kiddo or a pup needs! Make small ones for the kids and bigger ones for the pups.
  • Raising a Green Dog has a recipe that features all organic items mixed into her version of the dog friendly ice cream treat Frosty Paws.
  • The Lean Green Bean suggests combining sweet potatoes and peanut butter for a treat that can go solo or be put into a Kong treat toy.
  • Pawsh Magazine gives a recipe for peanut butter and jam freezies. These bite sized treats feature a dollop of peanut butter on top instead of mixing it in the treat.

Not all treats have to include peanut butter and various fruits. Your pups will be just as happy with a large broth ring filled with yummy things.
You can make chicken broth for your pup so you know that it doesn’t have anything extra in it that could be harmful to them. All you need is a chicken (cut into pieces), a couple of carrots and a couple of potatoes. Do not put in any salt or other seasonings. Boil it all until the chicken is cooked. Remove the solids, strain the liquid and voila!

  • Archibald Relocation offers an idea for an ice cake. It is a large “cake” of frozen broth filled with toys, fruits and veggies. It is just the thing to keep your pup cool and entertained in the summer.
  • At Offbeat Home they suggest using things like chicken, beef or fish and veggies frozen into small bite sized treats.
  • Tablespoon dot com gives a quick and easy recipe that actually freezes the treat in stages so as your pup licks they get different tastes.

I hope that these recipes have inspired you to try something new with your canine family members! : )

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