Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t mind answering any questions you may have and encourage you to send them to but, we’ve noticed that we get some questions more than others.  For that reason we have created this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page to help answer some of these recurring questions.

FAQ 1:  Do you have anything to do with any of the Austin County News Facebook groups?

Answer:  No, we have no affiliation with any of the Austin County News Facebook Groups.  Our only presence on Facebook is our Facebook Page that you can go to and “Like”.  When you “Like” our Facebook Page you will begin to receive our news articles on your Facebook Newsfeed.  We highly recommend that you go and “Like” our Facebook Page because this is a great way to keep up with what is going on locally and in the world around you.

FAQ 2:  Why don’t you cover more local stuff?

Answer:  We’d love to cover everything that happens in Austin County, and even what happens in our adjoining counties.  However, until the website begins generating the money necessary to hire the manpower we simply aren’t able to cover more.  You must remember that Austin County News is a FREE website which means we are 100% dependent on advertising dollars to exist.

FAQ 3:  How many people work for Austin County News

Answer:  We currently have one employee that handles the website, the video work and the reporting.  But, we hope to have more come on in the future as money allows.

FAQ 4:  How long has Austin County News been around?

Answer:  We started in 2014 with the idea of having a central place where residents of the Austin County, TX area could go to read about news and information as well as watch videos of things happening in Austin County as well as other things that affect their lives.