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Report Shows Austin County Jail Needs Over $2 Million In Repairs, Renovations, and Improvements [VIDEO] [UPDATED]

While many in the county are still reeling over the increases in the tax burden they are facing, it may only be the start of their pain.  Tuesdays special commissioner’s court meeting was held to give the results of the findings that Burns Architecture, LLC found concerning Austin County’s Jail.  The jail has been the source of much expense for Austin County in the past but, if the presentation is any indication, then the financial costs to the county and its taxpayers is going to be substantial. 

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Proof That Those “Moderate Rebels” in Syria are Really Jihadists [VIDEO]

Last week Reality Check told you that the national media is not giving you the full story about what is happening in Syria. Specifically that the Free Syrian Army and the so called Syrian Rebels, who have now lost control of Eastern Aleppo are not freedom fighters. They are, in fact, aligned with terror organizations. Some media are now asking where is the proof? Here is the evidence that it is true. This is a Reality Check you won’t want to miss.

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Rain and Cold Couldn’t Stop the 30th Annual Fantasy of Lights Parade [VIDEO]

Despite Saturday’s rainy and cold weather, the Sealy Community Foundation and the City of Sealy pushed on and made the 30th Annual Fantasy of Lights Parade a success. The amount of people willing to brave the elements to watch the parade was truly inspiring. Bundled up and utilizing umbrellas, canopy tents, and fold out chairs, the citizenry of Sealy showed just how important and how much they love this annual tradition.

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Reality Check: Why Media’s Claims That the “Alt Right” Are All White Supremacists Is Wrong [VIDEO]

Well, once again President-Elect Donald Trump has stunned the media and political establishments by announcing Stephen Bannon, former head of Breitbart News, as the chief White House Strategist. The move immediately condemned by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center because Bannon, they say, promotes white supremacy. So, what is true about Stephen Bannon and white nationalism?

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95,000 Square Foot Facility To Open In Sealy Will Bring Much Needed Jobs To The Area [VIDEO]

At Tuesdays Sealy City Council Meeting, a major economic announcement was made concerning the coming construction of the new 95,000 square foot facility to be built on FM 3538 next to the Walmart Distribution Center. The new facility will mean more jobs for the area and is set to open sometime in February 2017. The article has the complete details as well as the video of the announcement.

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