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The EPA Feels It Can Garnish Your Wages Without A Court’s Approval

The EPA recently stated that it has the power to garnish your wages without having to go through the process of going to court.  Other Local NewsTwo Sides Develop In Preparation For Bellville ISD Bond ElectionOct 24, 2021EcoHealth Throws NIH Under The Bus Over Wuhan Gain-Of-Function Report; Researcher Claims ‘Massive Cover-Up’Oct 24, 2021Austin County Emergency Services District No. 2 Receives […]

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Ranching Accident Ends With Life Flight Response [Video]

“Exceptional Service to our community with Pride, Honesty and Integrity through efforts of Compassion, Teamwork and Knowledge while maintaining the Dignity of citizens we serve.” Is the motto of Austin County EMS. Today, Tuesday June, 24, ACEMS showed that service to one person. They responded to a call around 6:30 pm that required life flight be called. Share This ArticleFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail

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