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Strange Value of Gold in a World That Demands It

A recent CNBC article tells us that “gold is sending wacky signals.” … Why? Because of a strange, emergent “correlation” that gold is now exhibiting with the recently rising dollar and bonds. Other Business & Economy Millennials Head One-Third Of All Poverty-Stricken U.S. HouseholdsSep 7, 2017 Here’s How Much You’ve Lost On Your Used Car So Far In 2017 (Hint: […]

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How Third-Party Payers Drive Up Medical Costs

These days, a lot of people are worried about their rising healthcare costs. So, the United States, the federal government implemented a scheme to “fix” the problem. At least, that was the original plan. The scheme, which Americans know as “Obamacare” caused an uproar, both politically and economically, over rising costs, and whatever the case may be, people are in agreement […]

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Rising ER Visits Latest Obamacare Undoing

Review Journal – Unintended consequences are one thing. Broken promises are another. But it requires a special blend of arrogance and incompetence to craft a law that accomplishes precisely the opposite of what it was supposed to do — a law that significantly worsens the problems it was supposed to fix. Share This Article

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Inflation Is Counterfeiting

Forbes – Most people have a basic idea that inflation is when prices rise, and that this is caused by an increase in the money supply. Since the Federal Reserve is rapidly increasing the money supply, it is only common sense to expect this will hurt us sooner or later. It is absolutely wreaking havoc, though not how you might […]

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Should E-Cig Manufacturers Love the FDA?

“E-Cig Execs Are Actually Thrilled With New FDA Regulations” was the lead story last morning on Time magazine’s website about the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed rules banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, their sale in vending machines, and (of course) extending those ridiculous and ignored warning labels we now see on tobacco products to e-cigarettes too.

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Europe and Deflation Paranoia

Mises – There is a current incessant flow of articles warning us of the certain economic calamity if deflation is allowed to show its nose for even the briefest period of time. This ogre of deflation, we are told, must be defeated with the printing presses at all costs. Of course, the real objective of this fear mongering is to enable continued […]

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